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About ID4U Website and Sales

ID4U is a family run business started by a Sydney mother of two, but now run by Tricia, another family member.
Katy, who started the business, recognised the difficulties involved in finding just the right identity product for each member of the family. Each member is unique and has their own special needs.

She has a son with autism who was not able to clearly identify himself to others. He now proudly wears his stainless dog tag necklace, (with the chain cut shorter so he is unable to remove it over his head) engraved with his full name and mum's mobile phone number.

Have a think about your own personal requirements, such as space for information, waterproof, easy to remove, durability etc and choose the style that works for you, or your loved one.

Got a question?  You can contact us via our email address anytime

Our administration office is open regular business hours, so should you experience a problem outside these hours please be patient, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Address for regular mail is:-

155 Fisher Road North, Cromer NSW 2099, Australia

IMPORTANT NOTE:- There is no showroom at this address - Administration Only.