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In an emergency everyone should have an ID product. Do you, and your loved ones have theirs?

Diabetes Bracelet
Brown Hemp ID Bracelet
Brown Leather &
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Autism Dogtag
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ID Necklace

Getting ready for the School term to start, and you have labelled the lunch box, the clothes, and sporting equipment, but what about the most important part of all that, the children? Most parents don't think to make sure their child has life saving information actually on them. Who can be contact in an emergency? Or what is it that their child/children are allergic to? If they have a life threatening reaction to peanuts, eggs or a medication, it is so important to have that information with them. If they are on an excursion, on their way to school or at a friends house and something happens, which requires medical help, they must have that information with them at all times.

Whether a child, or an adult, they can go into anaphylactic shock very quickly. This is a life threatening condition and will need help immediately, even if you are not there to provide that vital information. Children are the most vulnerable because they might be too young to know how to provide contact details e.g. phone number, what medication they need, or which allergies they have etc. But adults can also be at risk, for instance if they go into a diabetic coma, or are Autistic, and the people around them have no idea how to help. Often their behaviour is mistaken for drunkenness, and people tend to avoid them instead of helping them. The best way to help them (or yourself) is to make sure they have vital life saving information with them at all times, even if you are not able to be with them.

If you, or someone you love has a medical condition such as:

The above are just some examples of the products we have. There are others available, so spend some time to choose one that is right for your situation. There may be a need for more than one bracelet, especially if there are multiple allergies involved.

Beaded Butterfly Bracelet
Beaded Butterfly
Stainless Silver Medical ID Necklace
Stainless Medical
ID Pendant Necklace
Motorcycle Set
Horse Riding, Work or Motorcycle Riders Set
Brown Double Strand ID Leather Bracelet
Brown Leather Medical ID Bracelet
Medical Watch
Medical Alert Black Rubber Watch
Beaded Emerald Isle ID Bracelet
Beaded Emerald Isle Double Strand ID
Beaded Round Persian
Beaded Round Persian Bracelet
Stretch Stainless Steel ID Bracelet
Stainless Steel Stretch
ID Bracelet
Beaded Red & Clear
Beaded Red & Clear Bracelet

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